I accidentally powered on my BB while it was still plugged into my macbook by USB.

It has been put to sleep before this. Now it won’t power back on. Any ideas?

I have a gig today so any help would be much appreciated!

2 options:

  • use the slot reader to install the firmware on the SD card; when done, power off to pedal, insert card and power up pedal
  • if that didn’t work, format the SD card as FAT32 using slot reader on your Mac using Disk Utility; add firmware and test in pedal; if it works, export project using BBM to card and then sync.

Good luck.

Thanks. I had just finished installing firmware 1.9.7. I have just reverted back to 1.85 and inserted the SD card to beatbuddy but still no luck and it won’t power on. Any ideas what is causing this? Could you please also explain what you mean by FAT32?

Just some more info, I have tried the power supply with other pedals and it still works so not that. Also, if I now plug the BB into the Macbook using USB it does not recognise the BB at all.

I have grabbed a different SD card and no luck, even downloaded the original content onto the new SD card, attempted to power up and no response whatsoever.

Have I fried the Beatbuddy?

No idea what’s causing this. My opinion (FWIW) is that the SD card got corrupted. When this happens, it bricks—or puts the pedal in an unresponsive state (it appears as if there were no power).

Does your Mac have an SD slot reader? If so, you want to use this to try to fix your SD card—you should not try connecting your pedal via USB to your computer.

Disk Utility has the option of formatting your SD card to FAT 32 standard, which is the standard that your pedal requires. I’ve included a screen shot on “how to”; you choose MS-DOS (FAT). I used a thumb drive to get this screen shot because it’s all I have handy right now . . .

Let me know how it turns out. How long before your gig? Do you have time for a remote session?

A remote session would be fantastic! I have about an hour

Download and install Teamviewer from here https://www.teamviewer.com/en/download/mac/

See your forum Inbox for a private message.