i bought a new beat buddy yesterday but facing problem

i bought a new beat buddy yesterday. the problem is in foot switch. i am getting the symbol sound with all beat patterns except (Ballads beat, Gig basic beats). in these beats i press the switch for symbol sound but it is not creating any symbol sound.

please help me friends

Not all songs include a cymbal accent hit.

please tell me more detail

just as he said, not all drum kits/standard/stock beats have crashes in them. usually only on the more rock/metal and jazz ones do they have those where it makes sense. you could make your own if you needed them though

thanks a lot

If you haven’t already downloaded and installed Beat Buddy Manager, do so. From there, you can see what components are in a song.


You can see over on the right, that this song has an accent hit associated with each main loop. The accent hit in this case is a crash.

This song, on the other hand, has only a main loop, and no accent hits.

which bit can be use for I am yours by Jason Mraz…? can any body tell me?