I can see beats but can't play the beats! Whats wrong?

Hi guys. So Ive loaded some new beats into the sd card.placed them into the beat buddy. i can see all the beats I’ve created on the beatbuddy screen but i can’t start playback of the beat with the main pedal. In fact, i can’t play ANY beat, not even the ones that were stock standard!

Okay, @Luke Thomas, let’s try to figure this out.
Are you having issues with the software or the pedal itself?

Can you please make some photos, illustrating your problem? A short video would be the most useful.

How do i add video?? It wont allow the extension

Just upload it to some site like Youtube and put a link.



Heres another one.

@Luke Thomas, thanks for the videos! This definitely looks like a hardware problem. Please contact support directly at contact@mybeatbuddy.com, they will direct you on how to get a replacement pedal. In your e-mail, please link them either this forum topic, or your videos.

Thanks for your time, and sorry for inconveniences. Shit happens at times :frowning:

Thanks for that Daefecator. Ive already sent them an email 2 days ago but no reply.Ive attached said video too

We were extremely busy at Frankfurt Musikmesse at that time.
I think you will get the response in a day or so now after we are done.