I cant get a new song on my Beat buddy manager

First of all let me explain that I am older and don’t really understand a lot of the computer things. I am trying to get the song Gimme Shelter from the free user supplied songs on my beat buddy. I downloaded the Beat buddy Manager and I got the data off the SD card into the manager and synced it. I then downloaded the Gimme Shelter file off the web site and put it into a folder. That is as far as I seem to be able to go. when I open the file my computer asks me what to open it with and I am lost at that point. I then tried to drag the whole file into the manager and that didn’t work. I am lost. I also cant find any file that is called Beat Buddy Library on the manager.

Steve, go into BB manager, click on file at the top, scroll down to import and choose import file. the choose the location of the file you down loaded and click on it.

Once you have the song file loaded, you are going to need the drum kit that is used by the song. The drum kit can also be found in Resources, where you found the song. Download the drumkit file. It will have a .drm ending. Then using a similar import process to that you used for the song, import the drum kit. You will then need to find the drum kit at the bottom of your drum kit list, and click the box in front of it. Then you should be able to play Gimme Shelter. Note that if the song uses one of my keyboard kits, you will need to use both the left and right outputs of your Beat Buddy to hear all the parts. In Beat Buddy Manager, it should sound fine as along as you have stereo speakers hooked up to your computer.