I can't get MuLab's audio track to record anything.

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If you go to Mutools website they’ve got instructions downloads,you tube help and a forum,should be enough there to get you going.

The YouTube videos don’t address the problem I’m having. The people in the forum must not know the answer, because no one has responded to my question. MuLab just has poor customer support.

My problem is that when I try to record audio, on the “vocals Recorder” the Mono/Left Direct Input
and the Right Direct Input only give me the choice of “None” on the
pull-down menus. It’s not going to record if it just says “None” there.
In the YouTube instructional videos, it doesn’t say “None” there. :slight_smile: On the YouTube instructional video, it says “IN” or “IN®” , not “None.” It doesn’t show where it got
“IN” or “IN®” from.

Are you using Mac or Windows? I have never used MuLab but my guess is that it is an issue with you system audio setup; MuLab is not seeing the audio inputs???