I can't hear Bass on the BB (but well on BBM)

I’m new to the Beat Buddy but already a great fan. I managed to download some great songs with Bass and the respective drum sets with bass and I can hear the bass perfectly well on my Mac in the BBM, but unfortunately only very, very faintly on the BB itself.
Did I do something wrong?
Many thanks for any help available.
P.S: many thanks indeed for all the kind and very talented folk for sharing your super songs!!!
Note: Mac OS 10.11.6 - BBM - BB FW 1.85
Kind regards,

Hi just to say that the problem is solved and was not linked to the BB.
By chance and trying to understand what was happening, I noticed that the sound of the drums and bass on the headphone out was perfect.
My BB stereo out was routed to an M-Audio M-Track Plus II, which seemed to be the culprit. I used one of the two input ports (XLR and jack), which are mono. Once I re-routed my cables directly to my speaker system the issue was solved. I still don’t understand what went wrong with the M-Audio, as when I had swapped around the stereo outs on the BB, the end result was always the same: I could hear the drums, but not the bass. Anyhow, all fine now!

Glad you sorted it out and thanks for telling us what you did to fix it.