I can't hear the beats in most of the songs in Beatbuddy manager

Hi there,

I’m on a mac running Ventura 13.4

I cannot hear most of the songs, I can hear a few of them, but nearly all are silent. I am using a library on my hard disk, not directly from the SD card.

I have tried both of the notarized versions of the app and both are exactly the same.

Any advice?

Your BB projects should be saved on your computer user/documents/bbworkspace folder

If your projects are in that folder, the next thing to check is that you have the drum set that the song calls for installed, active and selected in the BBM.

If you still can’t hear songs, contact support@singularsound.com for help. Let us know how you get it working.


I thought it was something to do with drumsets.

There are no drumsets in either

However, if I switch the drumset to electronic or ethereal in the bbm the songs play back. The just don’t play back with any of the other drumsets.

Any guidance?

Are you talking about the standard songs or the one press songs. Those start by double clicking.

Standard songs. This is in Beatbuddy manager not on my pedal. The pedal works 100% fine.

I just press the button marked ‘play’ to start them and they do play as I can see the screen changing as it plays each piece.

I’m pretty sure this is something to do with the location of drumsets, but where are they? since a couple play, but I can’t see any in the folder.

I’m on windows, there the drumsets are in the user_lib of the BB directory.

In the BBM, click the Drum sets tab and in the drop-down list you should see the drum sets. Make sure they have a check mark in the box.

If your songs are audible on your pedal, you might want to put the SS card in your Mac or SD slot reader and use the BBM File - Open Project (navigate to your card) and select open.

Follow the prompt to save your project to your computer bbworkspace folder (give out a new name) and accept the prompt for future syncs.

What’s on your pedal should now play on your Mac’s BBM.

Okay, I found the tab.

All of the drumsets were in italics.

I double clicked them and it did something. Only the ethereal and dance ones did something and got a tickbox. The others did nothing.

I have just downloaded the whole SD card from the website and then opened that project. all works fine.

I have now saved that project to my documents folder.

No idea if that was the right way to solve it, but at least it plays.