I don't hear the bass ! Am I missing something?

I have downloaded songs from the resources page “with bass” I don’t hear the bass

You have to load a kit thats “with bass” first then youll hear it, I had the same problem, and if you want to jam with a bass player just load a set with no bass.

Email support and theyll hook ya up with the latest firmware, 1.77

Thanks for your reply!! I now paid fro the “drum&bass” kit installed in still no bass

Youll have to load one from the user forum, from drum kits "with bass"that a member put together then youll hear the bass, look on guitarstu, hes got a rock kit with bass, hope that helps I had a hell of a time getting started im not a computer guy by any means, but this forum was a big help, rock on!!


You may be out of the range on the midi map in the editor. Try transposing it up 12 semi tones (or down, as the case may be) I find sometimes I start too low to have it play, (an octave to low on the editor.)