I don't need no doctor. E. 2018-07-31 - John Mayer. Multistep

John Mayer trio version. Working with StandardPBass- the E of the bass at E5. If you want to use another kit, you can extract midies and change the place of bass notes easy, because the dr and bass midi notes are well separated. Intro starts with 1,2-1,2,3,4 count in, then closed hi-hat gives us the tempo, when guitar is alone. So, four main riff without bass, four with band and then the main verse and song starts immediately. Two singing verses, then interlude(“now the doctor sad I need a rest…”), in the fill slot, just hit the fill in time, depends on your fill settings. After interlude everything is going back to verse automaticaly, which is the solo or jam in this case, as much as you want. Go further with second interlude: singing the first part of verse without bass, then with the band. Back to verse and when you want, you can go to outro solo, which is one cord jam. In original, they change the tempo and rhythm a bit, here I can’t to do that. So jamming endless time and outro. Anyway, listen to the original. Enjoy!

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