I don't want BeatBuddy to control my looper. I just want it to control the tempo on the looper

I’m in the process of learning midi the hard way, but am doing my best to try and figure this all out before calling for help. I’m using a Midi Maestro, BeatBuddy and a Boss RC looper. I am not running any hardware past the looper, so the midi thru is set off on it.

I would like the tempo synced between the BB and the looper, but don’t want the BB to start the looper playing tracks, unless I put in my own midi commands into the MM. I would like the looper to record at the tempo the BB is playing at, but I don’t want the BB to control other functions on the looper. With the BB set to midi out or midi merge, everytime I start the BB, the looper starts playing both tracks on the looper and the BB. With those two settings, the looper and BB are running in sync. When I set the BB to midi thru, the looper does not start and all my commands work fine from the MM, but the tempo on the looper runs at its own speed, not the speed of the BB.

Does anyone have any settings suggestions by any chance?

Thank you.

In case anyone has this issue in the future, here is the “fix”.
Main Pedal > MIDI Settings > MIDI-OUT > Start > Disable . Our wonderful BB support team got this to me in record time!