I Got The... By Labi Siffre

Looking for a beat for this. Essentially it’s 2 beats, butI can’t seem to find anything that fits.
Either suggestions or an actual beat would be great.

Thanks for telling me about this song/artist. I enjoyed listening to it. I am always looking for different blues oriented songs.

There are 3 versions of the song available - a 3+ minute radio edit, the original 6+ minute version, and a later remix of that version. Which one do you prefer?

The basic beat seems to be pretty easy to work out. I found a tab for the bass part. But the second part does not have a readily available tab or chord pro chart. I can probably work it out, but I’d like to limit my work to the version you want.

Hi Phil,
Glad you like the song. I think it’s fantastic. Most people only know it as the basis for My Name Is by Eminem.
I’d love to do the full album version. I’m thinking of doing some loop stuff with it, so I’m only after the beat(s) really.