I have 23 accent hit sounds but only need one !

Hi BB people :wink:

Does anyone know which folder or place I can find the accent hit .wav files ?

All help will be greatly appreciated !

Thank YOU !

When the BB Manager Software was working properly, Wav files went into the Wav sources sub-folder inside the default_lib and user_lib folders in the BB Workspace. For some reason, they now go all over the hard drive. It appears to have something to do with the last location that was used before adding a new drumkit. Anyhow, I have not figured out where they go with any consistency. Maybe Singular will fix this someday.


At the bottom of the page in the link posted above, you can find a download for the accent hit library that Singular has posted. i suggest you download this file, and keep it in a place you can find to access accent hits. That will be much easier than trying to figure out where the BB Manager software has stored the accent hits.

The accent hits .wav files are placed in the folder named EFFECTS on your card.
The files are renamed with letters and numbers for some reason !
In that folder you will see a .csv file with all the names of the accent files.

I use my own sample which sounds a lot better than the original!

The letters and number names appear to be some scheme Singular developed for their software. It happens with drumsets and songs, too. I do know that changing things around in those folders does eventually cause a crash of the BB Manager software, as I have seen it several times. But, now that you know where the sounds are and you have a csv list of the names, it should not be too difficult to make a copy of the folder (outside of the card or the BB Workspace) and re-enter the names. Then you will have the files available as you need them.

I tried to remove all the files in the EFFECTS folder to see what happened ( I first made a backup of course ) and to see if I could just paste in my own files.

Did not work and BB crashed randomly and seem to boot and crash repeatedly so I pasted back the copied files but that didnt help either.

Seems like it fucked up the memory card, I tried to format it and synchronize it with BBM but in the end I had to use a completely new card.

Adding Accent hits should just be like pasting them into a folder called “accent hits” on the card or in a future version of BBM.

It’s about time for a new version of BBM !