I have a small question?

Yes I’m a newbe, Love this pedal!! Can I use the MIDI out to drive Superior drummer in Cubase 7?. Just got it out of the box Awsome pedal A Long Time Coming!! been stuck with programming songs 1 beat at a time on a SR-16 for years. Thanks for your help. Also is it possible to change tempo along with different patterns? re: verse tempo 108bpm, chorus 114bpm,? this would be awesome if this was possible.?

For the midi, I suggest giving it ago I don’t think it does but you really don’t need to as you can just lift the midi files and import them into Cubase.

For your last question I will point you to the following thread.

I see I guess the real question would be, does the Beat Buddy send MIDI notes to midi out, as in another application I would use the (old) SR-16 MIDI out, play beats on the pads, Cubase would see the MIDI notes and use them to trigger drum sounds from the superior drummer files in effect using the pads for drum triggers to playback SD EZX files. Going to try to output the MIDI this morning to Drive EZdrummer to see what will happen:) When my church band plays live we use a Rolland V5 drum kit but do not use the built in drum sounds, we use MIDI out from Rolland drum module, and a Mac with Superior Drummer running and use the MIDI triggered sound from the (Superior Drummer) program. I am hoping that as when our drummer can not be there sometimes, we could use the Beat Buddy the same way. (It would be like he never left) LOL.:cool: Will get back to you soon heading to my music room now to try this theory:eek:. Ok, tested this theory. Beat Buddy will drive the EZDrummer application with no problems works like a champ (When ran as a Stand alone Program), but can’t get it to work when EZdrummer or Superior Drummer is running as a plug in for Cubase Elements 7, will keep working on it, Please let me know if you have any Ideas. Tks. must be something strange in the ways its connected Via software.

I know for sure BeatBuddy didn’t output MIDI notes earlier, but if I recall correctly, this might have changed in the latest firmware version, but I’ve never tested it personally.
You should definitely check it out.

Well here is what I have found out, IF I run superior Drummer alone as desktop application RE:Toontrack solo, or I run EZDrummer 2.0 in Toontrack solo, Beat buddy runs perfectly, and controls all available drum samples for those programs, But of I open the same programs inside of Cubase 7 Elements, It does not receive and Midi notes. I am perplexed by this, If it works outside of the program Why cant it work in the program, I am going to hit the Steinburg web forum also.Anyone have any ideas? :mad: Made a discovery, It is recording the beat buddy in cubase, it is not letting me hear it in real time, I will haunt the forums till I find it, Muhahahahahaha thanks for the input< does anyone in this forum use cubase Elements 7?

Found a workaround, using the headphone out or mono out from the beat buddy to an audio channel, and running it simultaneously withe the MIDI into Cubase elements 7 It WILL record the MIDI drum notes as you run through the patterns on the beat buddy and utilize the drum samples from EZdrummer, allowing you to hear whats being played while recording. Thanks For the Help.:slight_smile: