I have lost my original reggae beats... how do I import them without effecting my set list?

I have lost my original reggae beats… how do I import them without effecting my set list?

I have been dragging from BB manager drum beats to my personal set list and them renaming them with 3 to 4 songs that go with that beat. I probably have 200 songs with beats that correspond but I have noticed that I have lost all my reggae beats…
So how do I download a single file to …example…Only “reggae beats” to their original position with out reverting beat buddy back to its original ???


Here is the Reggae folder: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4ryn3xuoctbw5xr/Reggae.pbf?dl=0

Download it, remember where it was downloaded to (most likely your ‘Downloads’ folder), then go into the BBManager to your project, and import the folder via File > Import > Folder

Thanks so much… And I can do the same to any folder(Patterns/folder) that I have dragged beats out and placed in my set list I assume.
And thank you for the quick reply… its a bonus.

that was easier than expected thankyou… one question… where are all my other song folders the pc. I save my projects… but where are the actually folders located.
Sorry if this is basic stuff but I am learning.

Ok done… I have saved my folders (individually) onto the pc via BB manger/export folder. All done.
But obviously by dragging and dropping beats into my set list…some of my original folders need to be replenished.
Is there a list somewhere where i can get these or do I pull out another SD card and load the original project onto this and then save each folder again so that i have a complete original folder of each different drum pattern?

If I understand you right, you want to update those exported folders with the changes you make to said folders in the BeatBuddy Manager software? If this is what you want to get done, you will just need to replace them each time with the process you were previously doing (export folder). If this is not what you meant, can you elaborate a bit further on what exactly you want to get done?

thanks so much… yes I worked it out from your help and now I have individual files sitting in my pc…and I can replenish original patterns anytime i need to. thank you.