I have no sound output from my BB

Hi Guys,

My power supply died on me so I bought a new one. The BB powers up fine but I’m getting no sound from the output jacks either in Mono or stereo, nor the headphone out.
Have tried changing power supply, new cables and changed from input into a mixer to input of my sound card instead but whatever I try there is no output from the output jacks or the Headphone socket.removed SD card and it plays my songs in the BB manager program no problem so I am wondering is there anything else I can try before I write it off as a repair job?



Check the pedal volume control settings (both) and try the 1/4” as well as the headphones output.

If you don’t mind my asking , where did you get the replacement power supply from, or are you using a power brick?

Thanks persist. I’d read on the forum about issues due to the volume wheel on the side so yes that was tried and fully turned up. I have turned the volume knob full up on the BB as well and strangely it will not go past about 94% on the screen and I’m getting some fluctuation in the value showing on the screen as well. Its down to 88% now and I haven’t touched the volume knob! Power supply from eBay which was one recommended for use with the Beat Buddy but also have used one of the supply outputs in my Boss BCB60 pedal board to power it before and its worked fine with that before now. They both make it power up okay and screen changes colour and shows the songs playing but just no sound from the pedal!

Well would you believe it, I just tried again fast shuttling the volume wheel up and down and also the volume knob on the top of the pedal vigorously and lo and behold the sound has just come through!!! (i’m on the eBay power supply that came today!) I’m still worried about using it for a live gig at this point, I know I should be glad its just started working again but what the hell caused that?

If it’s now working and remains consistently so, probably nothing needs to be done. To be safe, check that your new PSU supplies at least 300mA and that you have a firmly seated power jack into the pedal. If it does happen again, and you’re at home, download a fresh copy and reinstall the firmware being very careful not to interrupt the process

Thank you Persist, appreciate the help. The new adaptor I got today appears to be a good seating in the power jack, even more so than my boss so happy with that will check on 300mA rating

I’m actually back on firmware version 2.7.0 as the latest version made my pedal go haywire with the tap tempo screen coming on intermittently when I didn’t ask it too! I think I have an old pedal but I love my BB so much I may consider getting a new one sometime in the future and if they could update the BB manager software that might just swing it for me!



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