I hear No sound at all

I bought a brand new Beatbuddy but am completely unable to get any sound at all out of it.

I cranked the volume to 100%, plugged it into an amp, pressed the pedal to start it, no sound.

I cranked the headphone volume to 100%, plugged my headphones jack into it, pressed the pedal to start it, no sound.

I did plug in the 9v power supply that came with it. I am able to see and select songs, and pressing the pedal appears to work just fine. I see the intro, parts and fills being selected. But I can’t get any actual sound out of this thing.

Firmware 3.2.0 according to the About screen, and I did try re-updating the firmware, just in case.

Could someone please tell me the secret for getting actual sound out of this pedal?

I self-resolved, but I’ll keep the post for anyone else in this boat down the road.

Looks like the SD card was missing the DRUMSETS directory on my card. So I redownloaded the entire package from https://s3.amazonaws.com/mybeatbuddy/BeatBuddy_Default_Content-July_27_2016-SD_card_backup.zip, and copied the whole thing to my card, and choosing Skip for any conflict. I’m in good shape now.


Had the same problem this fixed it.

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thank you this post . it just got me out of a panic- my beatbuddy is less than a week old !
i lost the sound then got a NO SONGS error message. The NOSONGS error message arrived after i reformatted the sd card to then download the backup zip files-
This experience taught me to reformat my SD card only to EX-FAT 32 for mac !! and also that by following the four folder and one file replacement fix as mentioned by userJustwannaplay above- my beatbuddy world is back on track - thankyou forum

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Justwannaplay, you made my weekend! The Buddy came to my doorstep on a Friday afternoon and I was smiling ear-to-ear at being able to play all weekend. I put the SD card in: no sound from headphones, through my mixer, through an amp… what a really crappy feeling of being let down. So I googled Beatbuddy no sound, and this post came up. I click the link you provided, download the package, compare the folders and sure enough, Beatbuddy sent me a card without the drums. Kind of ironic, isn’t it? Anyway, despite their stupidity, and because of your good heartedness to post, I’m now rocking. I can’t thank you enough.

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The file you downloaded was for an older version of the default content for the SD card. If you want the updated default content, follow the same process for this file Download SD Card backup v2.1