I hear No sound at all

I bought a brand new Beatbuddy but am completely unable to get any sound at all out of it.

I cranked the volume to 100%, plugged it into an amp, pressed the pedal to start it, no sound.

I cranked the headphone volume to 100%, plugged my headphones jack into it, pressed the pedal to start it, no sound.

I did plug in the 9v power supply that came with it. I am able to see and select songs, and pressing the pedal appears to work just fine. I see the intro, parts and fills being selected. But I can’t get any actual sound out of this thing.

Firmware 3.2.0 according to the About screen, and I did try re-updating the firmware, just in case.

Could someone please tell me the secret for getting actual sound out of this pedal?

I self-resolved, but I’ll keep the post for anyone else in this boat down the road.

Looks like the SD card was missing the DRUMSETS directory on my card. So I redownloaded the entire package from https://s3.amazonaws.com/mybeatbuddy/BeatBuddy_Default_Content-July_27_2016-SD_card_backup.zip, and copied the whole thing to my card, and choosing Skip for any conflict. I’m in good shape now.


Had the same problem this fixed it.

thank you this post . it just got me out of a panic- my beatbuddy is less than a week old !
i lost the sound then got a NO SONGS error message. The NOSONGS error message arrived after i reformatted the sd card to then download the backup zip files-
This experience taught me to reformat my SD card only to EX-FAT 32 for mac !! and also that by following the four folder and one file replacement fix as mentioned by userJustwannaplay above- my beatbuddy world is back on track - thankyou forum