I introduce myself and have a question

Good afternoon.

Hopefully I am in the right place. Otherwise, please dear moderators, move the post to the right place. Thanks

My name is Rolf, I’m 67 years old, I’m from Germany and I’m registered here in the forum since a few days.
Since a few days I am the proud owner of a BeatBuddy and would like to use it for our, unfortunately, missing drummer. Unfortunately I have absolutely no idea about MiDi and also my English knowledge is very poor.
I’m looking for the appropriate kits for some songs and partly I already found some. However, the abbreviations do raise some questions for me (DOP OPB or OPBk). Also I partly don’t get along with the given drumsets. I know that some of them are purchase kits and I will continue to take care of them.
But I can’t find a drumkit which is used for “These Boots there make for walking” in the normal drumkits: “Pop-Rock Str8”.
I will have to read a lot more here to get along at all, but I think that I am allowed to ask my questions here, too.
Thank you very much for reading until here
and I am happy to be part of it.
Best regards Rolf

Hello and welcome. Thank you for translating. Your English is easy to understand.

Here’s a link that will help you understand acronyms such as DOP, OPB, etc. Is there a guide to what OBPks and all those other Acronyms stand for listed anywhere?

Thank you very much.
Yes, I first wrote my English text in German and then translated it with the “Deepl” translator.
Yes, I still have to read a lot here in the forum. It won’t be easy, but I hope that some day I will understand how one or the other works.
I have already downloaded BBM and transferred some songs to the SD card. That works well.
Well, in Germany they say “good things take time” and so it will be here.

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Hi - I too hope I am in the right place.
I have a Beatbuddy that I bought a few years ago. I used it regularly then. I used the Manager software on my laptop to make changes and new songs then synchronized with my pedal when ready.
That laptop crashed. I have been using the pedal (stand alone) in the meantime.
Now I want to get back into using the Beatbuddy in conjunction with my new laptop.
I downloaded the Manager software, and tried my best to follow the instructions.
I can connect the pedal via usb to the laptop, but if I want to replace a beat or a fill I can’t. It seems that the Manager software on my computer is missing the beat content.
I want to be able to work on the computer and then synchronize with the pedal like I used to do, but I must have screwed something up.
Do you have and advice on how to get my laptop content fixed?

Hi Mark you can download the default content again at the bottom of this page https://library.mybeatbuddy.com/software-download

BTW, it’s recommended that you transfer your project to the SD card using a card reader connected to your PC rather than using a USB cable directly to the BB.

Expanding just a little more, and as ghostofweedon suggests, avoid connecting your pedal with a USB cable. Instead, use the computer SD slot reader and if your computer doesn’t have one, buy and use an external slot reader. Some users have encountered data transfer errors via USB.

  1. Not knowing what you have done so far, download, unzip and copy the backup bbworkspace folder to your user documents folder Download default BBWorkspace 2.1 backup folder
  2. Since the project on your SD card is probably your most current data (and a good backup), you’ll want to get it filed in your bbworkspace folder in the bbworkspace/user_lib/projects folder
  3. Use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) File - Open Project on your SD card
  4. Follow the prompts to save the project to your bbworkspace and accept future

You will also want to make the latest Default Content 2.1 Project available when needed in your BBM. To do so

  • BBM File - Open Project and navigate to username/Documents/BBWorkspace/default_lib/projects/BeatBuddy Default Content 2.1 - Project and select Open
  • Once it’s open, you’ll want to save it to your user_lib/projects folder in the BBM File - Save Project As and give it a new name and save it to username/Documents/BBWorkspace/user_lib/projects/

Let us know how it turns out or if you run into problems.

Thanks! Question though: So - once I download it, what do I do with it?
How do I place that content into the Manager?
Best -

I think persist has answered that, above.

Thank you, kindly. I will follow your advice.
Best -

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