I just want the entire loop...

Hello everyone,

Maybe there’s a string about this already, if so, pls point me in the right direction.

I have the BeatBuddy and the Footswitch. I’ve purchased drum sets and drum beats at the Premium Library. Turns out, I suck at switching from phrase to phrase of a song, especially if a song has more than say, I dunno, two parts!

So, my question, is there a way to just get the loop that’s all tied together? BeatBuddy for Dummies? Can I record the loop into something like an Akai MPX16? I know the song I’m playing, so I don’t want to manually engage the transition.

Help & Thanks,

Try any of the one-press songs.

Search for songs in the Resources section of the forum. All of the premium Singular content is of the press for each section type. Ther are many user-created songs in the forum that are tagged as DOP, or OPB. The OPB ones have bass and will require that you download and install the drum kit recommended for the song.

And, regarding your premium songs, you could string the parts together is a DAW, like Logic, Cubase, Audactiy, etc, and then export the track a midi file. I don’t know if an MPX16 would let you import files from your computer, and, even if you could, arranging the parts properly could get complicated.