I Love This Bar D Opk 2018-03-29 - toby keith

Redone & reposted… By Request … Stax Acoustic kit v.2

I Love This Bar (Toby Keith/Scott Emerich)

[D] We got winners, We got [A] losers,

[G] Chain smokers and [D] boozers,

[D] We got yuppies, We got [A] bikers,

We [G] got thirsty [A] hitchhikers.

And the [Bm] girls next door

Dress [A] up like movie [G] stars.

[Em] [F#m] M-m-mm—mm—mm,

[G] I love [A] this bar. [D]

[D] We got cowboys, We got [A] truckers,

[G] Broken-hearted fools and [D] suckers,

[D] We got hustlers, [A] We got fighters,

[G] Early birds and all- [A] nighters,

[Bm] And the veterans talk

About [A] their battle scars. [G]

[Em] [F#m] M-m-mm—mm-[G] --mm,

I love [A] this bar. [D]


[Bm] I love this bar. It’s my kind of [D] place.

Just [E7]walkin’ through the front door

Puts a big [A] smile on my face.

[Bm]It ain’t too far.

Come as you are. [D] [G]

[Em] [F#m] M-m-mm—mm—mm,

[G] I [A] love this D bar.

I’ve [D] seen short skirts, We got [A] high techs,

[G] Blue collar boys and [D] rednecks.

[D] We got lovers, [A] Lotsa lookers,

[G] I’ve even seen dancin’ [A] girls and hookers.

And we [Bm] like to drink our [A] beer

From a Mason [G] jar.

[Em] [F#m] M-m-mm—mm-[G], --mm

I [A] love this [D ]bar. Yes, I do.

Solo [Bm] [D] [Bm] [D]

I like my [A] truck.

I like my [D] girl friend.

I like to [E7] take her out to dinner.

I like a [A] movie now and then.

But I [Bm] love this bar.

It’s my kind of [D] place.

Just [E7] twirlin’ around the dance floor

Puts a [A] big smile on my face.

No cover [Bm] charge

Come as you are. [D] [G]

[Em] [F#m] M-m-mm—mm [G] —mm,

I [A] love this [D] bar.

[Em] [F#m] M-m-mm—mm [G] —mm,

I just [A] love this [D] old bar.

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