I’m New…. A little help please!

I’ve just received the BB mini2 and so far loving it

I play solo acoustic at weddings and it will really lift my evening sets. It seems very quick to change to the next beat which is great.

I just wondered if anyone knew or could give me an idea of what drum beats would go with the below songs, as they are not mentioned on the song matcher… thanks I’m advance

George Ezra - shotgun
Killers - all these things that I’ve done
Ed Sheeran - castle on the hill
Kings of Leon - sex on fire & use somebody

Thank you

Hi there,

Welcome to the forum!

Have you tried our song matcher tool?


I’m using Pop 10 152 for Sex on Fire

If you’re not adverse to using one-press songs, you could find some of your requested songs on the forum (maybe at least 3 out of the 5).

Chip, he’s using a mini. :joy_cat::scream_cat:

Oops. My bad! Thanks