I need a professional drum editor for BB

I really like the Latin set with all the nice Conga samples and would like to make my own (Latin) grooves using those BB Latin samples.

However these are clearly not GM mapped samples as there are several Conga variations.

I want to be able to work as I do in Cubase so I can get the exact right feel without all notes being quantized (Not possible with the free MIDI editor).

Is this feature coming to BB Manager soon ?

You should have the ability with the new BBM version to edit quantize settings.

I have BeatBuddy Manager version and can’t see any quantize settings and frankly don’t see any use of it if there isn’t an editor !

Should have said, “with the new version that’s in development.”

With an editor I presume ?

Yes. The beta is being tested now.

With a dedicated editor ( that actually uses BBs samples ) the BB becomes instantly MUCH more powerful.

I personally find most commercial MIDI grooves way to busy and overplayed.

Hoping my BB dreams comes true real soon :slight_smile:

Send me an email at support@mybeatbuddy.com and I will give you the new version of BBManager that’s in development. :slight_smile:

Done… :slight_smile:

Still waiting :slight_smile:

Give them a day.

I’m off to bed anyway !

Hope it’s in my inbox when I wake up !

That would have been nice :slight_smile:

It has been sent. :slight_smile:

Just installed but I cant get the MIDI editor to work because it’s greyed out and nothing happens if I click the buttons ?

See attached image !


An excellent Christmas gift :smiley:

I have been working with the MIDI editor for the last 10 hours :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks !