I need help for the Transition Fill please ?!



sorry if there s already a post for this, but I just didn´t find one.

I organise a song by myself and have a problem.

When I want to move between main loop 1 to main loop2 and built a transition. How can I manage the beatbuddy to play the whole transition fill right in time. When I push the button to early, the transition starts too early. It should start at the end of my loop, doesn t matter when I push it. And furthermore. When I leaf the button, it stops the fill and continous to Play main loop 2. It should fullfill the fill and then continue to play main loop 2.

It would be very helpful to do that without getting the perfect spot and know how long I have to hold the button.

Thanks for your help and sorry If I missed something, but it´s hell of a lot information right now for me… (midi, Drum editor, pedal, songs, the software and so on…)

thx a lot :wink:



I’ve noted exactly the same problem and that’s why I asked for a feature of being able to mark a transition fill as “always play it, and always play the whole thing”. It turns out that you have to hold down the pedal for “long” transition to play out, but you still have to time the trigger of the transition at the right point. Also, if you hold the pedal down too long, the transition fill will loop, which you really don’t want. Frankly, during a live performance, I can’t handle having to focus that much on the pedal, so I don’t find the transition fills to be that useful or reliable. I do hope the engineers consider my request.


Same here, live with no intro, fills, outro. But today I was experimenting with fills that are subtle enough it doesn’t matter if all or part of it plays.