I need help with transitions

I played a show tonight with mostly all BeatBuddy songs. I understand the intent of BeatBuddy to trigger fills etc in order to create live on-the-fly drum beats.

So as the pattern is playing 5 6 7 8, you hit a fill on 6 or 6.5, it will start the fill and basically skipping to 6 7 8, and that sounds great for drum loops.

However, doing Beatbuddy songs and SONGS, this ends up skipping lines of the chorus, etc, for some songs. Can somone give me an overview on how fills and transitions work, so that i can get full transitions and fills to trigger?

One trick I’ve learned but haven’t yet perfected is that you and hold down a transition, and it only triggers when you let it up.

It depends on how you have your pedal configured, mine is set to trigger on initial press, the default is release - so if I hold down my pedal I get an endless looping transition. One press will give me a fill, you should read up on the “cue fill period” which specifies when the fill will trigger in a measure. I have mine set to 75% (which I think is the default), so if I press after the 3rd beat in the measure it will trigger the full fill in the next measure. General rule for me is to press the pedal slightly early, if I press the pedal when my head says there should be a fill I sometimes miss it, but I ignore it and carry on. In a standard 4/4 song If I press it before on the 2nd beat I get a 2 beat fill which is great. This allows many of the fills to sound very different depending on when you trigger them.

Thanks for the info!