I need the basic beat for this goofy 80s song

I can find the fills, just can’t find the beat in the BB library. It’s sort of like “Walkin’ on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves. THANKS!!!

OK! I have been critisized for this so many times and someday somebody will listen. This beat is so simple, I don’t know why they have never made a drum beat for it. It’s the old “Boom-Chuk” beat. You can hear it, it’s right there. Are you ready for this? I have one made up that I did when I first got the Beat Buddy. Here it is. Have a ball with it. Just add the other stuff to it.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

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Fingers,thanks very much. There’s a couple of very close beats that BB provides but they’re all shuffles. Trying to find a non-shuffle beat for this song. You are correct, definitely a “Boom-Chuk” type beat, but I need more poppy, less country. Very 80s, very Katrina and the Waves - kick, snare, kick, snare, kick, snare… all single hits.

I can build one for you if you wish. You can also do this yourself with “Beat Builder”. If you don’t have this yet, download it and try your luck. You never know what you may come up with. I’ll see what I can do to put something together. It shouldn’t take to long.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

OK! Here is my last try. This is straight out, has no syncopated anything anywhere. Try it and see if this works for you. Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Finger, THAT’S IT! Thank you very much! I’ll have to look into this Beat Builder. Where can I find that?

Try this thread. You will need 7zip to open the file. Download the file right into BB Workspace in your user’s file. That should do it. Check in other places like the main forum and there also should be a download there. It’s a must to have this program. You can build everything you need from right there. You can pull in files from everywhere and use them to set up your own ideas.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Great. Thanks!

Wow!!..I haven’t heard that song in years…The Producers What He’s Got…I would like to see somebody build a beat for that songs…very simple C,G,D intro then to Bm, F#m , A , E…:slight_smile:

Hey guys - something different about this topic: thx for sharing this song! Damn! I love it! I am born 81 and i just really dig many, many 80s bands - my friends make fun because of that :slight_smile: - but it´s always cool to find out about “new” bands I did not know. So thx for the beat and thx for the song!

In case anyone’s interested, I put together a Intro-Verse-Chorus version of Walking On Sunshine that expands on the “Boom Chuk” a bit more, with a fill and a crash cymbal that you can toss in as you see fit. Lemme know what you think.

Love The Producers! Thanks!

Can you reupload Walking on Sunshine?

Here you go, enjoy!
Walking_On_Sunshine.sng (749.6 KB)

Can you just tell me what beat you use for Walking On Sunshine? I don’t know what to do with a SNG file

You have a Beat Buddy. You ought to LEARN what to do with an .sng file. I am going to assume you have not installed Beat Buddy Manager on your computer. Do that. Read the manual. Follow instructions. Someone had taken the effort to provide you with a custom beat made for your song. If not, get a BPM app, and use it to figure out the BPM for your song. Then just use a Rock 1 at that beat. Hell, just use the metronome at that beat.

It’s a custom beat I made, it’s not based on an existing BB beat. You need to download the sng file then import it using the BB Manager, and sync to the BB, just like other content.

The song matcher app http://songmatcher.singularsound.com/ says Rock 7 at 219 bpm

thank you

Thank you. I’m new to this.

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No worries, we have all been there with the Beatbuddy. Thankfully there are lots of helpful folks and tutorials on all aspects of using it!