I need the “Basic Rock” beats or “Rock Basic” beats folder

The new files download does not contain these.


If you are referring to the Rock genre folder that’s a part of the default BeatBudddy content, you can find it here: https://library.mybeatbuddy.com/software-download/

I THINK he might mean the new basics beats that @GoranGrooves mentioned last week…

I mean what I said, entitled BASIC ROCK or ROCKBASIC beats folder that came with my beat buddy, purchased about 9 mos. ago. Thanks


No - it’s not in this dL.

Now that were all confused (well okay, at least I am :smiley:)

Your BeatBuddy was shipped with a folder of beats named Rock but not RockBasics or Basic Rock.

Click on the screen shot embedded in my post to see the full screen shot.

If the screen shot I provided of the Rock folder is what you’re looking for, here’s how to restore it:

  • Go back to the bottom page of the link that I provided and click on Download updated SD card backup. It contains all of the current beats that come with the BeatBuddy.
  • Unzip the file
  • Use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) File > Open Project and navigate to the folder BeatBuddy_Default_Content-Oct2018-Project-SD_Card_Backup and open the folder and select and open the BeatBuddy_Default_Content-Oct2018-Project.bbp file
  • You now have the default content that shipped with your pedal
  • If you want the Rock folder available in your project from which you were working on, select the Rock folder and use the BBM File > Export > Folder
  • BBM > Open Project (the working project)
  • BBM > File > Import > Folder and navigate to wherever you exported the Rock folder Rock.pbf)

You now have restored your Rock folder containing your beats to your project. Hope this was what you were looking for.

@weet335 Did you buy the BB new?

If not, there may have been some 3rd party beats on there.

Well, I purchased the Beat Buddy as a “demo” from Sweetwater. Apparently, the Basic Rock folder was user created, as suggested!

Now, I need to recover a .zip file which was uploaded in Nov 2018 by Phil_Flood. It is the footswich, one, crash & kick file, in .zip format.

Can I get this file once again?



I’ll hunt that down for you shortly.

Rock and Standard crash and kick.zip (975.4 KB)