New Folder from beats on beat buddy

I would like to place the beats I use into a new folder, to create a set list for a gig. Help, please. Thanks!

  • Use the BBM; this is pretty much a manual process
  • Select the song and use the BBM File > Export > Song to your desktop; do this for each song you want
  • Create and name your new folder if you haven’t done so yet; with this folder hi-lited in the BBM
  • File > Import > Song

The reason you would do it this way is because I assume you want to keep the default beats available for reuse. If you were to drag the song/beat from one folder to another, you would be moving it out of the default folder.

Either I don’t understand or you don’t understand . . . I’m trying to take BEATS that exist on the BB Sound card and select, individually, each BEAT and place it in a new folder which I want too create on the BB Sound card, all for use as a set list with the BB. This is so that I don’t have to spend time between songs selecting the desired BEAt.


Yes . . . btw - I want to move the beats out of the default folder into a single folder off the beats I use.

To do this, you need to use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) as I described in my reply. It sounds like you’re trying to manage the beats directly on the SD card.

If you have not read the user guide yet, this might be a good place to understand the capabilities and limitations of the BeatBuddy and the BBM as a system.

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