I Shot the Sheriff

A little clip from an outdoor party a played at last night. Beat Buddy (songs with bass) and Rang 3 looper. Ipad mini running Onsong talking to Beat Buddy (song selection) via Midi through the PUC+. Running a Mackie powered mixer to a JVC Powered 18 sub and then daisy chaining out via crossover to 2x powered Alto 15 inch speakers on stands. Taking 1 overall mix out of my board to my monitor on my Mic stand - VOICESOLO FX150 TC Helicon.

What do you have on your board? Very nice sound you have going. I love one man gigs. Keep jamming brother.

Thanks.This is my board[ATTACH]3579[/ATTACH]

On the board? I’m more curious as to what the heck he’s got in his hands! :wink: What is that thing?

Welcome, Rob. Kind of looks like a headless Steinberger type guitar. @edmacnevin, what is it? o_O

Yes - it is a Steinberger with moded PUPS. :slight_smile: http://www.steinberger.com/GTPRODLX.html