I think I destroyed my Beatbuddy today

i accidentally plugged my Beatbuddy to a 15v ac adapter. Now it won’t turn on at all. Is it repairable?

Probably. Contact support@singularsound.com

I did contact them. Just waiting for reply now. I realize that this issue isn’t covered by my warranty, had my Beatbuddy just under a year, but I just want it fixed. I love this little box. Used it for my worship team all summer until we got a dedicated drummer. Pulled it out to practice for a memorial service that my drummer couldn’t make and boom! Disaster. The service is next Saturday, and even if my Beatbuddy is repairable it probably won’t be ready by then. Maybe get the mini and just have it as a backup? I don’t know.

Really tough luck. You can try to reload the f/w on a new SD card (but this is probably stretching it) and see if it powers on. Usually when you apply more power than it was designed for, the pedal becomes a nifty paperweight. Always good to label your power adaptors to lessen the risk of an accident. Good luck.

If you have a looper, you could try recording the beats out of the BBM.

I put my card into the card reader of my computer and all the info is still on my SD card so that seems good. I think I really killed my Beatbuddy. The adapter that killed it was from a headphone amp I just got from Musicians Friend “stupid deal of the day”. I saved $40 and lost $300. What a deal!

I don’t think the mini will work for me either, just checked out its features. If I sell some pedals I no longer use, I think I can come up with enough to buy a used Beatbuddy on eBay or Reverb. Nevertheless, my hope is that it can be repaired at a reasonable cost.

As for the memorial service, we have two guitars and a piano, the Beatbuddy is not a necessity but I was excited to use it again.

Ouch, tough luck. :frowning:
I ‘Once’ mistakenly plugged my laptop’s cable into into a 2TB HD …
It was like listening to bacon frying complete w blue smoke .
(I definitely have cables marked these days. )

I feel your pain… glad the sd card held up :slight_smile:
I have recorded BB beats w Audacity through my computer … worked for what I needed .
( pre-500 note limit )

Rknre’s post gave me an idea for a suggestion. Maybe possible, maybe not. You have all your data. Could you run BBM from a laptop and get the beats that you wanted? Maybe edit a few things into OPB-type files, and run those from a laptop into an amp or the PA.

Well, it does work great from my laptop, however, I’d hate to operate my laptop with my toe :). So Support did get back with me and we worked something out. It worked out much better than buying a used one from ebay, which was leaving me kind of leery. Big takeaway, slow down, take a breath, think things through.

That would have been an interesting toe dance. Glad you’re getting it all sorted out.