I will pay someone to help me with MuLab

if they really understand it. Just leave your email address, and answer this question as proof that you really understand MuLab, because MuLab has no customer support. They just have a forum where it could take weeks for someone to respond to my question. And they have videos that don’t show details very well. Thanks!:slight_smile:

My question is: do you have to install Asio to get MuLab to work.

It probably depends on what OS you’re using. Mac = no; PC = yes (unless you have a sound card and driver).

Since MuLab-experienced users seem to be scarce around here and you already pointed out that MuTools doesn’t have a very robust support community, you might consider using something just a little more mainstream (to at least to the BB community) such as Reaper, or Beat Builder. Good tutorials already exist on this forum for Reaper. If you use Reaper, Logic Pro X or Beat Builder, you’re more likely to find answers and help if you have questions or run into issues.

Just get Cubase and enjoy life !