I Won't Back Down (OPBk strings) re-up - Tom Petty

Phil made this up a little over a year ago. I went back to the original recording for a listen, and there is a soft synth string part under the verses. I added the strings in, and edited the ending to add the closing I Won’t Back Down line that Petty sings.

I re-mapped it for my Better Strings kit.

Big thanks go to Phil for his great job on the original upload!

This uses NP P-Bass and Better Strings XRL.

Includes: .sng, opbk midi part, edited chords and lyrics in pdf and plain text.

Listen to the recording to learn the leads. They are played with a slide, but you can do a reasonable facsimile without. Watch the timing. Otherwise this is a very simple song, but one that I always loved.

Download Here