I would just like to say thank you

I know there is a lot of discussions here about how this could be better and that isn’t as good as some other things. But I would just like to say thank you to the creators of Beatbuddy. I do a whole show usually as a duo or trio, but the other day (Australia Day) I did a 3 hour show solo. Effortlessly thanks to the Beatbuddy. This little versatile unit has transformed how I play live music. I have a full backing band, Drums, bass and keys (more to come as I create more drum kits) in this compact little pedal. It’s taken a lot of time to learn it’s intricacies and capabilities, but now that I have it right, it is fantastic. Thanks again.


We are glad that you love it, enjoy! :slight_smile:

Hi Pigy!
The Deaf Bunnys Band would also like to shout-out to Dave Packouz (and his bro) for their brilliant creation!
We’ve already gone on record as supporters of this revolutionary tech:
It changed our ENTIRE approach to performing.
We love to see folks out there using the BB as it seems to be intended:
Used live with the flexibility to express yourself without being tied to the non-stop-train of a drum track!
How nice is it to take another round when you’re killing a solo!
Where can we see you? Town/part-of-the-world or YouTune or whatever?
(We’re all over the place online, just spell “BUNNYS” incorrectly.)
(The other “bunny” site is a WHOLE other kind of bunny…) :wink:
Pete & Sheri Paznokas

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267.333.6048 Pete’s cell
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I am in Mackay, Queensland, Australia. My band is The Flying Tigers, a rock and roll Duo/solo. Where are you guys?

Philly! (Philadelphia, PA, USA)
Good music town, but tough.
Saw your vids on Facebook:
You’re doing a lot of what we do too!
Good to see some same-minded folks out there.

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so you piqued my interest…the next question is how you do it…thanks,