I'd Rather Go Blind - 2 versions

Made famous by co-writer/singer Etta James covered by many. Saw a Trucks, Tedeschi and Warren Haynes video covering it and thought it makes a great platform to play leads on. Simple structure and voicing suits BB well. Since the chords and structure are the same throughout (I’ve added some organ pads in places) where you decide to sing verse or chorus or solo is up to you.

The free MIDI (included) was torn apart and reworked to make two versions fit for Phil Flood’s Santana Piano & Organ kit: one as a straight one-press the other is a ‘two press’. The two-press song plays through a couple of verse and chorus turns plus some solo space similar to the one press then automatically loops a verse with an organ pad for extended soloing. Kicking the outro provides a single beat to tidy up whenever you want to end.


  • Two versions: one press and ‘two press’ for extended soloing
  • Cheat sheet
  • MIDI starting file
  • Designed for Santana Piano & Organ kit (txt file included)
    I’d Rather Go Blind.zip (76.6 KB)