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This is my first post. I actually created this forum account, just to request this feature. I would love if one of tiles on the home screen (such as the Update) tile were replaced with a “New Song” tile. Sometimes I have an idea I want to capture quickly, and if you want to start a new song, you have to let menu dive a few places in, or let whatever the most recent song was upload from the memory first.

Simply changing a tile to “New Song” would be a PERFECT use of that tile and make capturing fresh ideas easy.

Does anyone else like this idea?

Hey there,

I have no intention of shooting down your idea, but it is not likely we will change any of the tiles, they are all necessary as they are, that being said we are aware that people would prefer being able to open a new song, rather than the last open song. This is something we’d like to add at some point, but it is not something that we are currently focused on.

Otherwise, I don’t see us going down this path, but thank you so much for your feedback!

It is for this reason that I tagged the topic as #considered

Hi Brennan,

Thanks for the response. I appreciate you taking the time to respond, and even consider my idea. I love the Aeros. It’s the best device at capturing new creative ideas, and then to build on them. For me, being able to capture those ideas, riffs, hooks, and melodies is the most important part with this device, and being able to do so without forgetting the idea by the time I’ve toggled the unit to get to that feature, which to me, is the main feature.

I only referenced the Update Tile because on my unit, I have never successfully been able to connect and update over Wifi. It’s always given me a server failure popup after trying. I’m okay with it not working properly, as I have just used the SD option to update it.

This is, hands down, my dream looper and something I wish I had 20 years ago! Well done! I’m only here to provide constructive feedback. I love what you guys at Singular Sound are doing. Keep it up!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Allen Bird

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Thanks for all the kind words!

Not great to hear about the WiFi but the good news is we are working on it and hopefully can improve WiFi to no longer be an issue for you. We are currently building a system to diagnose user WiFi connectivity on the Aeros itself, hopefully we can figure out your exact issue and fix it soon!

Thank you for all your feedback.