Idea: Song file compilation folder

First off, thanks to everyone who has put in the time and effort to not only make beats but also share them with the rest of us.

I have seen Guitar Stu’s collection of songs (awesome, by the way!) and searched the forum high and low for additional .sng files.

Would it be possible to gather every song shared to the forum into one folder on Dropbox where we could all download? Maybe someone already has downloaded all/most of them? Or there is a way to grab all .sng files through the forum itself?

This would be particularly beneficial for those that didn’t save the files lost during the SS server transition. I hate that some of you were generous enough to create them and share them only to have them lost from the forum database

Sorry for the long post, just looking for feedback! Thanks!

Guitar Stu and Phil (not-Flood) have already posted their songs in BBM folders. GarryA songs are available from Dropbox.

That would be ONE HUGDE dropbox folder over the 50GB limit (if your lucky to have one of the legacy plans). Most DropBox accounts that are free only get 25 GB max I think and the .sng and required .drm files are pretty bit. Without the suggested/recommended .drm kits the .sng files can sometimes not work so…gotta have both.

I currently have downloaded 68 .drm files from other users and its almost 5 GB worth
I have downloaded 192 .sng files which amount to 145 MB
Most are Zipped but many are not and just by themselves without any info or attached pdfs etc.

Plus, I am real doubtful that what he wants actually exists. Prior to the November 2017 loss of files, I had just about completed downloading all of the Resources from the period of time at which the 500 note limit disappeared. That included the songs and the drumkits, although from time to time, I do find that I missed one or two here and there. What I did not download (I was in the process of working on it) was all of the song files and midi parts that got uploaded as attachments in the Beats sections of the forum. I had been a real pain in the butt about asking guys to upload songs to Resources, as it gave a sort of central depository of Beat Buddy knowledge. But, then Singular lost the files.

Well over 80% of what was in the Forum before has been re-uploaded in some form. When I see folks going on about how “nearly every” file I try to download is missing, well, frankly, I don’t want to help them because they either don’t care to try to find the files, or for some reason, only want stuff that was uploaded at the very beginning of the Beat Buddy. In that regard, if you find something missing and you would like it, request it by name. One of us might have it.

I mean something like this:

I have seen Guitar Stu’s collection of songs (awesome, by the way!) and searched the forum high and low for additional .sng files.

Really??? You’ve searched high and low for additional .sng files? Did you try to look here?:


I have tried to download every song file from the very beginning as well as all of the kits. none of them were created by me but instead by the generous people here on the forum. my file housekeeping is lacking terribly in most regards but I would be happy to post anything that I have. They are strictly sng files as I have separated them from the lyrics and midi files. it would need to be on a request basis. I have multiples of some songs so if I post one version , I will likely post all of the ones that I have of that song. It will be up to the individual to sort it out.

Hey LeeMo, do you have that With or Wthout You. I’d like to have that, too.

I have this one.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I found a one push in this PBF file also