Ideas on Stereo Output?

I like the idea of creating a more full, enveloping sound so I freed up two channels to plug Shaemus (named in honor of a former actual real live drummer of ours) in stereo. Since the powered PA speakers are typically 20-30 feet apart and focused into a point the same distance into the audience - any ideas? Simply just set L=11:00 and R=1:00?

I record everything direct off the PA L/R channels (then mix to MP3 using Audacity or as the video soundtrack using Filmora as you can see on the FB page) and use that as my IEM feed. No FOH help but we do OK. I can experiment of course but always like to hear others thinking.

Ideally, to get true stereo you go all the way over with each side… However, I run stereo into a mixer and out, and do 9/3 o clock… nice separation and that’s pretty unexpected live.

So aashideacon - you don’t get a ‘super stereo’ separation at 9&3? Does the BB keep a centered sound on 2&4s (snare and kick perhaps some internal panning built in) leaving the extremes for HH, tom rolls, etc? I’d of course not want to unbalance things for folks on either side or in my ears since as I said I tap the audience output for my monitor.

well, my speakers aren’t terribly far apart, id say around 12 feet or so, it’s not too pronounced. i also edge my vocals off to one, and guitar off to another, but only less than 5 minutes each.

Both sides or channels have to overlap or you will get a “Hollow Spot” in the center. Aashideacon, you have it just about right with 9-3 with the short distance. That’s about what we used years ago depending on how far we had the speakers apart. Sometimes it wouldn’t be any further that 10-2 which was OK too. The limit was no more than about 8-4 which about was far as you dare to go. If you had multiple Columns set up down the sides of a larger auditorium, that was even better and you didn’t get a lot of “Bounce Back”. On the mixing board, it depended on each instrument and how loud or quiet it was coming across. Sometimes, I set the drums slightly off center by about 1 or 2 either left or right depending on a personal choice of the listener. On recordings, it was rare to set the drums “Dead Center”. You didn’t seem to get any depth that way. It’s hard sometimes to setup unless you had someone out there in the crowd doing the listening. The best way to get a good setup was to face away from the stage and get the bounce off the walls when you’re standing in the center of the hall or room. Sounds crazy, but using the ambient sound was sometimes the best way to set it up especially in a large auditorium with a lot of natural reverberation.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Pan fully left and fully right - that’s the only way to do it correctly with stereo (bass drum & snare drum etc. will stay central).

Thanks Klink. Just what I was looking for and (hoping would be the case). “Extreme” excursions sweeping across the room would be a cool surprise - so long as the core of the rhythm is not lost. Full pan it is.