Identify time signature of songs, even if just on a web page.

I’d like to know “which songs are in 3/4 time?”. Only a few songs on the BB have “3/4” in the title, and there is no other mechanism I see for identifying songs by time signature.

The easiest thing to do would be for the great folks at BB to slap up a web page or post a .PDF listing songs by time signature.

An improvement on that would be an update to BeatBuddy Manager which allows us to filter by time signature.

And an improvement on that would be if there was a firmware update to make “select by time signature” a feature on the BB itself.

To me it seems quite simple - all songs are 4/4 unless otherwise stated, however there are not many 3/4 songs I think there are only two, quite a few 6/8 but little 3/4.