Identifying the groove/beat type in a song....

Hi all
So I am a bit of a newbie at all this groove stuff. The whole language used by drummer gods to identify a beat sale etc.
Is there anything around that I can use as a reference/starting point to identify some typical beat types and the songs used in.
For example, when I was learning to identify intervals in songs when playing guitar I have a bunch of well known song intros and the internal used in the opening notes (i.e. the first 2 notes of ‘Over the Rainbow’ are an octave, that kind of thing.)
I know I could trawl through every beat on the BB to try and match up a beat for a song I want to do but that would take forever. Anybody got any clever ideas.
IE How about a Groove Style database or list for songs that we could manage here? Would that help? Sure would help me :slight_smile:
Just some thoughts to help making getting a groove to fit a song easier.