Iko, Iko

Does anyone have “Iko, Iko” by The Belle Stars or The Dixie Cups?

iko iko.sng (21.1 KB)
Try this one. It is an older version but should be in the ballpark. I think it will work best with Bosendorfer Jazz Trio 72+C2.

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Iko_Iko.sng (21.1 KB)
Yuck! Here, try this one. I dropped it by a half-step. This should now be A and E. This may qualify as one of the easiest songs to play ever. But now that I’ve screwed around with it, I may actually use this at my next gig. This has a great groove and begs for audience participation. Great suggestion Jimmy!

I’ll check both out tomorrow night. I guess this song is a standard in New Orleans. Every one knows the words there. Check out Cowboy Mouth doing it live on YouTube.

Thanks. Where might I get the Besendorfer Jazz Trio drum kit?

Also, the rhythm seems to be missing the toms that can be heard around 25 seconds into the attached MP3. How can add those? Is there a MIDI file?

(Attachment 1-14 Iko Iko.mp3 is missing)

Click on the magnifying glass toward the upper right hand corner. That opens the search box. Type in Bosendorfer. That should bring you up some options. You’ll want to download the Bosendorfer 72 kit out of the dropbox that is presented and then import it into the BB Manager. After you use that kit, then you should hear the toms then. The match isn’t perfect between the midi file and the kit but it is close. I’ll upload the midi if you still want (and if I can find it again!)

I’m reworking the song based on the Captain Jack version and will post my renditions sometime during the week as DOP, OPB, OPBk versions.