I'm a Guitarist, Jim, Not an Engineer

I’d record and post my Obelisk kit if two things happened: If Beat Buddy stopped boycotting Canada and actually came to this fine country (can’t find a single Canadian who has theirs yet); and if someone posted a tutorial for building drum sets.


I think you’ll need to wait for manager software to release first. Then I’m sure video tutorials will appear.

As for boycotting Canada, as far as I know there are no such plans to either do this now or anytime in the foreseeable future. Don’t worry :slight_smile:

I am a Canadian (Ottawa) who has his beat buddy in hand, working.

I’m in Kingston and also received my BeatBuddy. Mind you I ordered it in February 2013…Still, worth the wait, it’s unbelievable!

Halifax. Got mine last night. Neighbors already complaining. I guess running it through a 400 watt PA was not a good idea.

Rock’n’ Roooollll…! :lol:

When I said boycotting, I forgot the :slight_smile:

Stuff happens.

Mine is here, and I love the hardware end of it – simply the easiest to use out of the box device I’ve ever owned. But if you are following my other threads, the software has me baffled.

Once I figure that out, I should be VERY happy…


PS: Where in Ottawa?

I got mine just after Xmas here in Kingston Ontario. Now I am trying to return it! Doesn’t fit my style at all without lots of work. No lucj so far. IMHO released too soon with inadequate aftermarket support

where in kingston? I have problems with this device.

If we knew your problems with this device, we could help you sort them out.
Yet, sorry to see you didn’t like your BeatBuddy. The song creation process is a bit tedious right now, but we do have a lot of user-generated songs right here on the forum.
I am quite positive that you could find something that suits you!

I love my BB. Especially now thanks to Stu for adding bass lines to some of the songs.Technically, I find the ‘deep drum editing’ part of it a bit baffling but that being said i wanted something i could use right out of the box and this product fits the bill.

Edmonton Alberta.CANADA!

How is Beatbuddy boycotting Canada?

How is it not fitting your style? Polka? As far as aftermarket GrooveMonkee has released beats in Beat Buddy format, no modding required, just drag and drop.

I’ve got a Beat Buddy and I’m in Guelph, Ontario! Just paid a hell of a lot more for it.

it all boils down to the software eventually i am baffled too that it takes to much time to figure it out and im a full fledged tech freak