I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) - Proclaimers

I’ve added Tambourine to this one… you will definitely want to add it to the Standard kit (midi #54).
Things to keep in mind. Loop 1 & 2 are intro beats (like the song). Then you’ll stay in loop 3 for quite awhile to match verses and choruses. When you go from loop 3 to loop 4, it’s a 3 bar transition so you’ll have to hold it if you want to match the song. However, if you decide to only transition for 1 bar, it will definitely work too (and people probably won’t know the difference). The first fill in loop 5 is the part with the pause in the song. It is 3.5 bars so it was a little tricky to keep the timing matched back up with the beat, but I managed to make it work. Have fun with it!!

excellent thank you very much, Could you tell me step by step how to add tambourine to standard kit?

I’ve attached the Tambourine .wav samples. You can check out the tutorials by member Psalm40 . Here’s the one for editing drum kits (skip ahead to about the 3 min. mark).

unfortunately the tambourine samples failed to open?

You will need 7zip to open it, I also explain that in my video. Other similar programs may work but windows can’t.

any .zip or .rar program will work. I use WinRar to zip and unzip the files. Here are the samples unzipped in case you don’t have a program. I usually avoid uploading the samples simply to shrink the file size.

Could you re upload 500 miles? Thanks

The fact that they’ve turfed all of our saved files is the biggest pain in the ass. I had originally uploaded everything I had created and I’m definitely not going through all of that again. With that said, I’m certainly willing to re-upload items that are requested. Sorry it’s taken this long… I haven’t been reading the forum in some time and now it’s changed. I’ll try to get to it this week sometime.

This may be a dumb question. Do I have to go back to the old site to get the re uploaded file?

Not a dumb question… there’s a space on this site called “User Generated Content” where I’m guessing everyone is uploading to now.

Not sure why anyone would want to upload there. I assume that board will be going away in the near future since this new one was created. It would make no sense in maintaining two separate forums, one for discussion and other for user resources. The old board has become pretty much a mess with dead user content links and other links that are either dead or are mis-directs.

Here’s the song again. I’ve also included a PDF of the chords, lyrics and BB notes that I use to navigate through the song. Please also see the original post for other tips on using this song (Tambourine).

Beatbuddy Notes/Symbols Legend:
Blue Triangle (play button) = Start/Fill In
Blue square with number = Transition Fill (number represents number of bars to hold the transition fill)
Blue “P” = Pause
Red “A” = Accent
Red “O” = Outro

I’m Gonna Be.zip (797.1 KB)

This is excellent. On the last fill “I’m gunna be the man that’s coming home” Are you hitting the pedal on the F#m
On the word Be? Thanks

Thanks… glad you like it. If you look at the PDF, I hit the fill on the word “Be” (A chord) which will allow for the stop and tambourine to shake on the “Coming home…” (B chord)

Thank you. Just to clarify… Hit on the First “Be” or the second “Be” (F#m
A B C#m
I’m gonna be the man who comes back home with you
F#m B E
I’m gonna be the man who’s coming home with you

I’m not quite sure what key you’re playing in, but if you are talking about the verse right before the third Chorus, it’s on the second “be” (I’m gonna BE the man who’s coming home… with you". You’ll see the play button in the PDF I included (it’s a little offset because of the chord, but it’s played at the same time).

I"m sorry for the confusion. I thought the A chord was an F#m. Still sounds good. Thanks for the File!

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You know, I’ve never thought about playing an F#m there, but you’re right… that sounds like what it’s supposed to be. Thanks!