Im in need of a few Drum sets

Where can i get drum sets from? I’m needing NP Standard Bass Hammond kit, Np Standard pro Bass etc…

I also need a few kits, including these. It looks like Phil either moved/broke or deleted a lot of linked drum kits from his dropbox, from all the previous links. I’m getting “404 not found” on most of them.

I need:
NP Standard Pro Bass
Hammond kits
NP E-Piano & 4001 Bass XRp Kits

My kits are down. I need to reorganize my Dropbox for my purposes, and Singular has not yet provided a space that will permit the uploading of kits. Whenever Singular gets around to providing the space, I will begin the process of re-upping the kits. In the meantime, I am reworking all kits that I personally use, so when kits are re-upped, they will be somewhat different from the prior versions, better, I hope.

I am getting rid of the versions that require use of both outputs, as this seems to cause more confusion that it does to provide a benefit. I am trying to get a better match on volume levels across kits, but many factors affect that, and I can’t control all of them. I am adding more multi-sample instruments where I have the space.

I will have a sharable substitute for Standard Pro with Bass ready next week sometime. But, I still have the issue of having a place to put it for all of you to be able to get at it. Singular, are you listening?

Those of you who are already in possession of kits that I previously had available on the Forum have my permission to share the kits.

Thank you for your understanding while this gets worked out.

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How much space do you need?

For sake of argument, lets say each kit, compressed, is about 60mb. I don’t know how many postings with kits I had, but several had multiple kits. Again, for argument’s sake, lets say it’s 150 kits. That would make it in the neighborhood of 9GB.

The real issue, though, is that Singular needs to provide the space.

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Thanks for the info. Good luck.