Im New and Confused?

having had BB for 7 days i am very confused, not being a drummer i don’t understand how to choose a beat for a tune that i wish to play. All i seem to do now is bend over flipping through drum pattern patches, not knowing which one to use.It would be better for me if it was named like SRV (Blues) Texas Flood etc Buddy Holy and so on i play 50’s 60’s Blues and some Shadows tunes (ask your dad LOL) Is there a way i can create a folder on the SD card and then nick someones tunes/beats would they come upon as a different name etc etc…
Any HELP would be cool.

The software will let you create new folders and rename the songs at will. You can also modify the patterns too. Backup the whole card FIRST.

Yes thank for that but i don’t know which drum set to put with which song, i have found a link now on the forum that someone has posted a pdf that looks like someone has spent some time setting out some popular songs/tunes just downloaded it will try later. i have never used a drum machine and know nowt about drumming. Guess its a leaning thing again. hope i can sort it so it don’t become a eBay item LOL

You have to experiment a little. BB beats are pretty generic, meaning their patterns can be used for a lot of different songs. The beats don’t necessarily match any particular known song, but they usually work just fine in a lot of cases. Without getting into time signatures and odd downbeats and shuffles and such, think of the BB as a metronome. Pick a basic beat in the genre that you want to play, start the BB and play along… you should be able to find a rhythm pretty quick. Chances are good you can play that same rhythm with several of the beats in that same folder, as well as a host of other beats in other genres. Some beats will sound better than others based on what you’re playing, but you have lots of options… adjust your rhythm or try a different beat.

The big sticking point with the BB seems to be people expecting well known “songs” to play along with, and that’s not really the case out of the box. The BB is more of a “jam” box at first. You need to be creative and actually make music. If you want to cover a particular song exactly like it sounds on the radio, you’ll either need to re-create the drum pattern with the software, or download the pattern from this forum that another user created. Even then, the patterns probably aren’t going to be perfect, so you might need to make some creative adjustments. Covering a song perfectly isn’t where it’s at anyway, someone already did it better than you to start with. Think outside the box and make songs your own (think Johnny Cash covers).

Ever hear musicians and DJ’s move between songs on the fly… the beat might not change, but suddenly they’re playing a different song… music is cool in that the same principals apply to every song. Get the drums (regardless of pattern) in time with a guitar player and you can play all sorts of stuff.

If you are having difficulty matching up the default beats to songs you play, our song matching database may be very helpful to you:

I’ve had my Beat Buddy for a couple of weeks and am having the same problem. I’m “upgrading” from a much cheaper Korg KR mini. At the moment, I’m finding that I had better luck selecting drum patterns to match the songs I want to “cover” with the Korg unit, which is pretty disappointing considering the Korg cost $60 and the BeatBuddy cost nearly as much as my guitar!
If anyone has done a match between the Korg KR Mini rhythms and the BeatBuddy rhythms, I’d love to know.
Alternatively, perhaps Singular Sound could add rhythms and genres that match the Korg rhythms and genres to expand the BeatBuddy content e.g. BeatBuddy doesn’t have “genres” for 8 Beat, 16 Beat, and Dance which the Korg has, and some of the Korg’s standard rhythms included under common genres e.g. Rock, and 8 Beat, seem more useable (at least to me).

try downloading a few song in resources …open up the bb editor & watch the beats scroll by,
eventually you’ll start to notice a pattern …kick & snare , where & how the fills go (for future editing) … etc …
It’s a learning curve … but helpful when needing to figure it out.
try Charle’s Spencer’s 'Beatbuilder 2.0 … to edit midi’s that are too ‘over the top’ & need to be simplified.

Thanks for the feedback rknrne!

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Big Derek. You might be better off with backing tracks for guitarists. There’s a few web sites out there that do half decent files.

Hey rknrne, I’ve searched the Forum for “Charles Spencer’s Beatbuilder 2.0” and can’t seem to find that reference. It sounds like something I might need to look at. Could you help?

Need to search on Beat Builder and check the Search on Titles Only

What would a product like that be worth to you? I ask because I am considering porting some drum machines over to the Beat Buddy. The KR is problematic in that it does not have a midi out, so that patterns would need to be reprogrammed manually, but really, I am curious. If you could 1) have all of the KR patterns, and probably more since I would likely add a set of patterns with a crash on them to accommodate a number of requests that BB patterns have a crash coming out of fill, and 2) have all of the KR drum tones multi-sampled into BB compatible kits, what would you pay for that product?

I am seriously considering this for the Alesis SR-16. Are there other drum machines that might be of interest to the BB community?

Ive got an old SR-16 that this might be fun to do with. It’s internal battery is dead, so it won’t hold settings anymore once you turn it off.

I like that idea , I just looked at the SR 16 on you tube and thought,hey thats nice and simple the change from one kit to another sounds really consistant ,also the ability to change the tone and fx of the instruments and also the stcok patterns are really cool

Hi, i’m a newby with BeatBuddy and I wonder if there’s a usefull tip about an easy way to pre-listening to files or songs?

Probably the easiest (read only) way is to download and install the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM).