Immediate start of loop

How do I set the Aeros so after recording a loop, I can save so when
I press play, it will start immediately.
I use these loops as background rhythm while I take a lead in middle of a song

Hey there, this is very simple!

I’d suggest you set the Play/ Stop All button to the press in the Device settings menu if you haven’t already, this will make it more immediate.

If you are not using a beat clock, I would suggest Freeform (non-quantized) 2x2 mode. Freeform mode is not perfect yet (because the live version does not yet have all the RPO commands on the press, but this is already fixed in the current version we’re testing!), but if you are just recording one track and that’s it, it should be totally fine to do so in time.

Test it out and let me know if this works well for your case!

I’ll try and let you know- thanks

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