Import charges


Hi Has anyone been asked to pay import charges from DHL?


Yes, I have just paid £31. The charge will be different dependent on the country import duty and tax.


yes 55 € in France


I paid €51 in Ireland


I paid € 51,43 in Austria.


Are there any german experiences?


I think I was supposed to be charged, there certainly were 2 copies of a tax invoice attacked to the package, but the delivery guy never asked for any money and the invoices contain no payment info for me to pay it.

I suspect he made an error, so I think I may get an invoice in the post when the error is noticed.
This was in The Netherlands, and for about 65euros.


50€ in France


Paid 55€ in France.


Paid 50€ in France. Funny there is two different amounts for France :slight_smile:


£31 in U.K. (N. Ireland)


€44 duty AND €41 DHL rip-off admin charge - Spain


$58(CAD) total cost for import fees.