import guitar pro file with bass line ?

hi, I have been succesful to import a guitar pro file but with drums only so far

anyone figured out how to also get the bass line ?

I use TuxGuitar on my Mac and it requires the Java Developers Kit (JDK). I think there’s a PC version.

how do you do it exacly , I have not been succesful so far

Some Guitar Pro (GP) files only have drums so I preview the GP files in Songsterr and check for the bass and other instruments. I don’t use the GP app but I think it has an Export to MIDI function so you could try that too.
From TuxGuitar:

  • TuxGuitar > File > Open (the GP file); you should see a display with all of the instruments; you can also play the MIDI file. Note: do not try to open the GP file by double-clicking on it—it has to be opened from the TuxGuitar menu
  • File > Export (select the MIDI format); if you’re prompted, select MIDI Format 1
  • you should be able to open the MIDI file in your DAW