Import "MIDI Loops - content 1.2" into Logic Pro X

Here is my point, I would like to know how to add to the “Logic Pro X” library, a “Drumset” folder (example: 2082 Hammond with Bass 84 + C1-1) accompanying the songs downloaded on the site and playable in BeatBuddy ".

Which version of Logic Pro X are you running?

Logic Pro 10.6.0 for Mac

what I want to be able to do is to be able to listen in the same conditions, pieces of the beatbuddy (.sng and their .drm) on Logic pro.


The link above gives you an idea of what is needed to create an instrument in Sampler. That is what you are going to need to do. First, though, you need to get the wav files for the drum kit that you want. To do that, open the kit in the BB Manager drum set editor window. You do this by double clicking on the kit’s name in the drum kit list. This will open the kit for editing. It also creates a folder of wav files on your hard drive. To find that folder, you’ll need to use the MacOS Finder. Type the kit name in the Find function, and one of the entries you find should be a folder with the kit name followed by WAVS, I believe. The wav files will be in the folder, separated by the midi # location where you need to place them in Sampler.

Once you have the Sampler instrument built, you can play the midi file that triggers the drumkit from within Logic, just by using the Sampler instrument on a single track.

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For everything above it’s OK, for everything above it’s OK,

On the other hand the continuation I do not understand?

Without wanting to abuse, Can you explain to me?

You need to build a Sampler instrument using the wav files that were used to create the drum kit. The wav files will be in the WAVS folder, and there will be subfolders inside that will be number 0,1, 2 etc, which will contain the individual wavs for each midi number location. Midi location are numbered from 0 through 127. The Hammond kit has wavs placed at nearly all of those locations. There are only a few that were left blank, if I recall correctly.

The sampler instrument will have bass, drums and Hammond organ all contained within a single instrument, just like the BB. You will create a software instrument track in Logic, and select Sampler as the instrument. Then select the instrument you created as the setting for Sampler. You can then place or create a midi file on that track. Bass sounds will be triggered from midi notes placed on this track at location from C -2 through G0. Drums are at B0 through B4. Organ sounds are at C 5 through G8.

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I created a sampler instrument but I don’t understand how to use wav files?

Do I have to put the “2082 Hammond with Bass. WAVES” folder in macintoshHD -library - application support - Logic - EXS Factory sample, what next? in the instrument “sampler”, I do not see “2082”?

You will need to place the individual wav files into the Sampler instrument, one by one. Each wav file will be assigned to one key in the Sampler instrument. This is not an automated process, and it will take some time for you to finish it. Some of the keys assigned to drums may have more than one sample per key. For those keys you will assign the sample to a velocity range within that key.

Sorry, I don’t see how to do this, without wanting to waste your time, can you explain to me?

Please look at some You Tube videos on how to use Sampler. There are many, but, of course, the ones I see are in English, and I assume you would prefer to have them in French. The process is really fairly simple, but in the kit you are using, there are going to be samples placed at every available midi location except 32, 33 (G#0, and A0). Drums at 36 through 38, 40 through 43, and 45 through 51 have multiple samples.

You open the Sampler instrument and drag each sample into its proper location in Sampler. Starting with the first sample in the kit, Liverpool Bass C1_1.wav. When you drag that into sampler, ti will give your several options. Select Chromatic. Sampler will the sampler a C1, but you don’t want it there. Turn off the “Pitch” button, and drag the sample to C-2 in the Sampler keyboard,. C#1 wav will go to C#-2, etc.

i realize this is confusing, and you probably need to see what is happening. That is why I suggest you find a YouTube video.

If I get time later this week, I may decide to build this kit as a Sampler instrument, and document my process. If I do that, I’ll give you a link to the kit and the documentation, so that it will be available for future kit building.

But today, I am trying to finish vocal tracks on a song I’ve been recording for the past couple weeks.

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thank you,
I can wait, I don’t want to abuse your kindness.
take your time,
if it is simpler, give me the example with Standard Pro (33 to 83), there will be less manipulation to do, then I would do the manipulation with 2082.

Where can we hear your music, Phil?

My newest album is here:

Right now, that one is only available on bandcamp., artist name P. Willie.

On YouTube music, I have a couple albums up, my performer name is P. Willie:

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Thanks, Phil. I’ll check it out! Cheers!

Attached is a tutorial explaining how to create a Sampler instrument from a Beat Buddy kit. REVISED 4/10/2021.

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Sorry for all the hard work I’m giving you, I didn’t think it was that complicated.
So, I’ll get started tomorrow, and give you my news quickly.
Many thanks for the help you gave me.

I found a good YouTube video on for creating the multiple samples per key, and other advanced drum kit building techniques. Very well done. But, wow, is this time consuming!

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It’s very complex, thank you really.
now the ball is in my court …

I found a couple things that simplify the process slightly. I’ll be creating an addendum for my written tutorial to explain the processes for multiple samples per velocity level. I finished the kit using this method. I still need to assign choke groups to the hi-hats.