Import song error


I have downloaded a couple of songs and can’t import them in to BB Manager. I get a message saying “Cannot parse portable song C:/****.sng. Skipping file”

What am I doing wrong?


What version of the BB Manager are you using? Is your source pointing to the correct folder?

Sometimes despite that error it works.

BBM version is and I run from the sd card in the BB plugged in to the computer via USB

Upgrade to the latest version of the manager software which is now 1.50.1

Even in the current version of the BBManager this error message still pops up sometimes. We are working on fixing it for the next release. Just click through it for now.

I have already installed the latest version in my MacBook Pro (8 Gb RAM) and everytime I try to import a song (*.sng file) the BB Manager closes automatically.
I have some gigs the next few weeks and could really use some help.

This sounds very strange. Please email us at with the details (and relevant screenshots), and we will investigate what is going on.

Sorry, my mistake! I was trying to import the song directly to the SD Card, instead of editing the list and export it afterwards.
No problem now. Thank you.