Import song is corrupted

every time when i download a song from resources page and import it to BB Manager 1.64 the song is not playing and looks as it is shown in the attachment.

Can anybody help me?[ATTACH=full]6538[/ATTACH]

I have experienced this when the “null” was not really null. It will just repeat the null over and over and appear to be empty. Try moving the outro section to the intro area.

Hello Phil, thank you for your answer but it doesnt work. Every song i import is the same result.
Does it work with you?

When I tried this song as posted, the null section does appear to have a kick drum in it that will repeat over and over until I press the pedal to move on to the outro. I moved the outro to the intro and it worked fine. I also had to make sure that the correct drumkit was selected to match the song.

If you are having this result on every song, something else is probably causing the error.

the problems are that i do not have all the drumkits and indont find them to download?

I am trying to import songs from the forum… Followed the video however I get the following message error…

Error while parsing song content
Internal parsing errors:
SongFileModel::readFromBuffer - WARNING - A part of the file was not used by parser. The unused size is 93904
File contains more data than expected
Skipping file…

Any suggestions? Thanks

You should be using BBM

Thank you, that was the challenge! We are back in the game!