Important Changes coming for "with Bass" drum kit

I’ve introduced a new feature that will revolutionize “with bass” drum kits!

No longer will we use the primitive choke group for bass notes. They will now have “duration” so they can sound snappy by being able to sound on and sound off!

Any instrument can now be specified as “Non-Percussion”, which means that it will ring out until there is a note-off, or a zero velocity note-on, rather than being squelched by the cuttoff time (When parsing midi, note-offs will be quietly converted to zero velocity note-ons internally). This allows for polyphony! You can now do bass chords! (or whatever other instrument ahempianorhodesguitaretcahem*)

This will require both bbmanager upgrades and these changes copied into the firmware.

Once this is out and proliferated, we’re gonna have a problem organizing the deluge of songs! I have 200+! But it’s gonna be awesome.

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All existing “with bass” drumkits will have to be manually changed for this new feature.

Looking forward to this! Thanks for the update, aashideacon.

Wow now that is exciting to hear. Can not wait. I think any changes we need to make to current setting is worth the effort to make this work.

Fantastic. This will make the beatbuddy perfect in my opinion.
I just hope it doesn’t take to long for the software to be released.

Thanks for being on the cutting edge, looking forward to it.

Yeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaa!!! Can’t wait! Can’t wait! Can’t wait! I’m SOOOOOOO excited! When will this be available? Can’t wait! Can’t wait! Yipeeeee!!!

Well, now I feel stupid again…:confused: I know what this does and it is revolutionary! BUT I have some questions since I am not a drum kit building guy.

Will I be able to make edits in my current free midi editor and will it be able to use the notes-off? I have never been able to figure out how to do that but have several songs where it would be crucial.
(Any info in the form of “Notes-Off for Dummies” would be appreciated)

I understand the choke group, (only one note can be playing at a time) but will there be volume/velocity variation too?

And finally, will my wife divorce me when I spend the next year tweaking my 300+ song list to utilize this brilliant new innovation?

I’m excited and very frightened.

Hi Jim. You should be able to continue midi editing in BeatBuilder or any other midi editor and the new beta BeatBuddy Manager should recognize what you are doing. @aashideacon, if you have a moment please weigh in here. I think Jim also has questions in another thread

Your wife will not divorce you (but you’ll probably have to invite her to your next gig ;)).

Can someone tell me what this means since I am not as particular about the bass sounds as maybe I should be. I guess I did not know or notice there was an issue with the bass in the way that it plays now? Can someone in a more detailed way explain how it is now, compared to how it will be in this new version. Maybe some sort of example would help? Thanks for the help in breaking this down.

Hi Ed.

Today’s BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) beta versions lifted the 500 midi note per BBM song section and introduced the use of bass notes but did not address the method used to control the duration of a bass note (and in some–but not all–cases, drum notes). In layman’s terms, it made the bass notes sound either clipped or distorted. As aashideacon mentions in post 1, he has started to sort this out in the BBM. He’s also given us fair warning that older songs will have to be updated using the new version of BBM so that the songs can take advantage of the the new capabilities that are coming. Older songs can still be played on the new version but they may not be able to use these new features.

What does it mean to us as users? Improved quality of bass and drum sound. It also expands the capabilities and potential of the pedal so that different instruments can be used. Just as the addition of drum sets with bass (and guitar strums), users might be able to include mellotron and piano.

There are other features coming with later releases of the software and firmware that will greatly add to a user’s control over the sections of a song. I’m not privy to those details so once Singular Sound is ready, I’m sure they’ll provide us with the details.

Hope this sheds a little light . . . .

You said once b4 you would like to ‘script’ (my words) filter notes in superbass to go to … (snare ex. 38 from 40) …
could this step be done to bypass all the reorg. required ?

i’m writing a filter that will convert midi to the current way we do drumkits… i.e 40->38, 35->36, and fix the tom stuff. Eventually, you will just give it a midi, and if it can’t figure out automatically which is the bass track, you tell it. What it will spit out is a perfect one press midi, complete with moved bass track.

Right now, the only way to “stop” a bass note, is to play another note. It makes many bass lines sound sloppy and boomy, since you can’t play “silence” Think “another one bites the dust”: dunnuh dunt dunt dunt The way it sounds without note-offs (i.e. silence) is dunnuhdunnnnndunnnndunnnn

Solid …& Sold !

OH I get it now- thanks for the example- I guess I do notice some of that on certain songs. I love how this product keeps evolving for the better.

Do you think that we will be able to just go into each song that requires a shorter, cut off note and edit it in or will there be a need to completely redo the whole song? I hope I “dunt” have to redo everything.

most likely you won’t have to change anything you are already happy with. but, to take advantages of the new features, you might have to change how you do them in the future

does that mean when these changes are realized that all my songs “with bass” sounds not as they did before?

most likely they will sound better without having to change them