Imported Beats but fills arent imported

I purchased some new beat packages/kits etc … Everything is fine EXCEPT, the Ballads beats doesn’t have the ballad fills on my BB Manager, it defaults to blues fills. Every other song folder has its own fills, the Ballad Beat fills are on my desktop, and in my BB Workspace, how to I get them into the BB Manager so my Ballad Beats pack plays the appropriate fills ??

I seem to have found the solution …

Can you share the solution with us for future reference

Sure … Its simply a matter of right click - copy the missing beats/fills folder. Then go into the BB Workspace folder - default lib - and paste the missing folder into the " midi sources" folder. Then , when you want to change the fill / intro etc, just click on it as normal, then use your folder arrows to backtrack to the list of folders and click on the one you want to use… Its pretty simple, if a little convoluted.